I feel sad and talking to you makes it hurt less and I wish you would make an attempt to hold a conversation with me I miss you so much and I can’t control myself and this is just a big long run on sentence.

I just wanna hear your voice.

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Anonymous: You have such nice boobs

dude I know they’re fucking awesome.

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you’re fucking disgusting oh my god.

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Do you ever feel like someone stopped loving you, simply because you showed them a side of you that could’ve been kept to yourself. Someone stopped loving you, for being you? 
I feel like if I would’ve acted better, changed my style, changed my hair, changed my voice, changed my posture, and just pretended to be someone I wasn’t, you’d still be with me, and you’d still love me.
I dream about you every night, and I can’t stop thinking about how you’re probably off seeing other people, giving other people what I have wanted for over a year. 
I want it more than anyone does or will. 
It physically hurts to be in love with you, and I’m trying to stop. It’s so hard to stop loving someone who taught you so many things.
I try and listen to the music you do because I know how much it’d make you happy to have a girl you can jam with. I tried to get you to teach me guitar because I know you’d love it, but I couldn’t cut my claws for it.. lol.
I tried so many things to make myself different so you would love me, but with doing that, it just caused me more pain in the fact that you didn’t want me, whether I changed or not.. 

I don’t know how to put this wake up call inside my head. I fear myself at this point. 

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